Me as a Student

My studies so far have given me many important qualities to develop the habits I need to be a successful teacher. My equation of success started with a strong commitment to learning and communicating. And my main goal was to become a self-disciplined student who lives up to her potential.

As an online student, I learnt to handle online interactions as real life by communicating effectively using appropriate conversation language and code-switching whenever required. Online learning is a huge advantage for me because it enables me to study at my own pace and gives me sufficient time to organise my priorities, although it requires a high level of self-regulation. On the other hand, some of the challenges I experienced being an online student are the lack of face to face instruction, the temptation to postpone learning, and the need to figure out a lot of things more independently.

I consider myself a spatial learner. I usually prefer to read the unit materials rather than listen to lecturers. However, since information is conveyed in different ways, I have accustomed myself to play to my strengths and engage in all types of online tasks to avoid missing out on important information and diminish the gap between what I should learn and what I can learn.



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