About Me

I am Hala Khrais, a mother of three and student teacher living in Sydney. Currently, I am studying Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Curtin University. I have previously completed a degree in accounting at a different university but I have never seen myself working in this field so I switched Education because I can see myself as a primary teacher who loves her job.

I chose to become a primary teacher because I believe in that teachers are role models who can have a deep impact on their students’ lives. I want to be on of the best teachers who inspire, encourage and motivate children to reach their potential. Also, I love teaching young children and I enjoy being around them.

This blog allows me to share and reflect on my views, interests, and ideas in my discipline. In addition, it gives me a chance to improve my digital media skills, which is important in education today. I really hope that other education students like me can find my blog a good online directory. I invite all readers to engage in conversation by leaving a comment.

After all, I am passionate about teaching and I enjoy every day in my life as a student teacher. I am also looking forward to being an effective teacher who can change the trajectory of her students’ lives.